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Blocked Again Interlude Sy Ari Da Kid

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  • Исполнитель: Sy Ari Da Kid
  • Название: Blocked Again Interlude
  • Длительность: 1:49
Sy Ari Da Kid - Blocked Again Interlude
Sy Ari Da Kid - Blocked Again Interlude
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Текст песни Blocked Again Interlude
How you just brought up how we used to go out
We 'posed to do all these things that we said we was gon' do
I haven’t had no time to do none of that shit
I been at, I just started moving back out the house
From me getting my tooth pulled Wednesday and you know that
Listen, shut the fuck up, you was 'posed to call out Thursday night
You ain’t got an alibi for that night, nigga, so shut the fuck up
You right and I shouldn’t been there 'cause that made my shit worse
Which is why I been in the house
Yeah, shoulda been, shut the fuck up
Always another fucking excuse
Well stop fucking calling me then
Stop fucking calling me then, I’m tired of this shit
Alright fine, fuck you
Ayy, you were running from me, you worst about me
Tell your friends what they don’t know about me
Yeah, you said you won’t say shit to nobody
Girl, why you block me then? Make posts about me? Yeah
Petty ass
Sometimes it an accident, but um, most times you think you won
So, if you could answer me at your earliest convenience
Why did you block me just to unblock me?
Just to come watch me and block me again?
Man, this shit our hobby
I see that you texting, know that you call without leaving a message
Don’t wanna ignore you but
I wanna pick up but I gotta teach you a lesson, yeah, yeah
I won’t block you like you did me, wusa, wusa
But I will drop you, girl, I been busy, hoora, hoora
'Cause I’m too grown to fill my life with your lies, yeah
So who’s laughing now? Yeah
Who’s backing down?
Who’s tapping now? Yeah
Ooh, I hope you
Ooh, I know you gon' hear this
You know
Old is young, man, this, I don’t need, my God
Needed somebody to take control of the situation
The situation was already under control
My hoe ain’t gon' do shit with you right there
So that’s why I’m telling this hoe she like
Well, what I’m 'posed to do?
Like I’m just feeling like a third wheel here
He’s feeling me, I’m like
Man, this nigga feelings anything right now
This guy, man, that’s why I’m like alright, I’m holla at you then
Then you started hitting me with that, the bitch on the phone shit
I’m like, bro, this ain’t that bitch on the phone
I don’t give a fuck who that bitch on the phone
She’s finna get fucked
Like that nigga wanna sit down and blow a motherfucker’s phone up, go ahead
You hoes didn’t even know where the fuck we was at
I held them hoes down, closing they eyes and they motherfucking putting they
hands over their faces so they ain’t even know where the fuck they was going
Or what exit we got off of
That’s why I told you when they was like, oh, we gon' get no bitch
You not even getting the address, so where you at right now?
Not happening
I don’t never lose my shoes, nigga
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